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Published Poetry

Persistence, published in The Society of Classical Poets Journal (2022/08/17)

Spirituality, published in ZiN Daily (2022/07/06)

Homework, published in Live Nude Poems (2022/05/13)

Richard Cory Re-Caste, published in Dissident Voice (2022/04/17)

Code Words, published in Rue Scribe (2022/04/05)

Times a Wastin', published in Rue Scribe (2022/03/31)

An Unusually Bad Business, published in Rat's Ass Review (2022/03/16)

Holy Trini-tree, published in Provenance Journal (2022/03/10)

Backdoor Pulpit, published in Provenance Journal (2022/03/10)

Once Keyed Up, published in Provenance Journal (2022/03/10)

My Only Black Friends In The Sixties, published in Provenance Journal (2022/03/10)

The Calculus Of History, published in Provenance Journal (2022/03/10)

The Plot, published in Masque & Spectacle (2022/03/01)

When Freedom’s Sake Is Much The Same As Heaven’s, published in The New Verse News (2022/02/23)

Not As Cold As Threatens, published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily (2022/02/22)

Out Of The Race, published in The New Verse News (2022/01/26)

Free Footed, published in Sublunary Review (2022/01/22)

9/11 Overkill, published in Dissident Voice (2022/01/09)

The Capitol Terrorists Now Wait, published in Oddball Magazine (2022/01/05)

If Boredom Sets its Feet Inside the Door, published in The Drabble (2021/12/29)

Surely No Revelation Is At Hand, published in The New Verse News (2021/12/04)
     was looking for artwork to go with it.)

(Poems will not be listed here until there is a link to a publication where they can be viewed.)

Poetry Publishing Background

Publishers and editors, this page is directed at you. I understand you don't have much time for this or to explore my site, but some of you ask for links for authors' sites in your submission protocol. I know this is because you might potentially provide that information in the event of publication, but I suspect you also check it out before posting it to others. It didn't seem right giving a link to something not very directly relevant, but this is the domain I've owned and maintained for many years, so hear we are.

Because I'm just now thinking of this, there's not a lot in this section, but it's a start. I'll continue to add to it, but I'd rather be writing poetry.

Other friends or random people who show up are also welcome to any material here should they happen to be interested. Undoubtedly, some of you also write poetry and may be interested in publishing.

Where It Is Coming From

Where It Is At

Where It Is Going