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Poems Published & Background (21 published so far; explanation of what's in progress) 08/17/22

Copycat, Copycat (tribute, autobiography) 6/15/21

Mother May I? (tribute, autobiography) 5/10/21

The Prince Of Darkness, Revisited (pictorial political history) 8/09/20

Go Trump Yourself! (A Fantastical, Post-Modern Tribute To Donald Trump) (political commentary, still a work in progress) 7/28/20

Back In The Steam Room Again, Under The Watch Of AOC (political commentary) 7/26/20

The Power of Negative Trumping (political commentary) 4/25/20

The Three R’s of Debate: Researchin’, Writin’, and Rebuttin’ — and David E. Morrison, where are you? (autobiographical reflection) 4/17/20

Save America From Ending (campaign slogan) 4/15/20

Not Meant To Be Nice (political poem) 4/13/20

True Confessions Of A Coronavirus Heretic (autobiographical reflection) 4/07/20